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Unblock Tech UPRO S TV Box

Unblock Tech UPRO S TV Box

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Live channels
Movie & Drama

One Payment and Permanent Free

All your families’ favorite programs are here and there are permanent free. There are more than one thousand lived channels from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. You can enjoy more shows and save the fee for the traditional digital TV at the same time. The box will continually update the channels.

One Thousand Lived Channels and Countless Programs

Different with the traditional TV’s live channels in one country, UPRO can provide live channels from several countries and regions. CDN unlimitedly speed up for the shows from all over the world. Abundant shows can totally meet your need. Video programs are coded by H.265&H.264 4K, so that the download speed is faster and the picture is clearer.

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