iPega Game Controller with Touch Pad PG-9069

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-This Game pad support playing games on BT enabled Android tablet/ smart phone/ TV box/ smart TV/ VR, Win7/ Win8/ Win10 PC without any drivers.
-The button of A/ B/ X/ Y function key has white LED light. While the device is switched on, the LED illuminate for 3 seconds and its better for game playing in dark area.
-L2 and R2 function keys are installed within the hall effect sensor. Make game playing be more accurately controlled.
-Ergonomic design bring you extremely cool and comfortable hand hold feelings.
-With dual motor vibration Function.There is vibration feedback while power on game pad. Support playing games which has vibration function. (under wired connected PC in X-INPUT mode only)
-With Mouse touch function, operate more conveniently under Android/ PC platform.