Flexible Lazypod Gooze Neck Mobile Phone Holder

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Gooseneck clamps can be installed in bed shelves, bedside boards, bedside cabinets, desks, tables or chairs, etc.It elevates the tablet to your view height or any other height you want.
* A gooseneck tablet holder is a good match for a tablet in a variety of settings, such as lying on a bed or sofa using smartphones, freeing your hands, and focusing on what you do.
* Use this tablet gooseneck clip to keep the tablet at a proper distance from your eyes. Adjustable design provides you with the best angle to watch the movie.
* This gooseneck tablet stand is only suitable for reading and viewing. When you click on a tablet, it inevitably bounces and shakes because of certain physical laws.
* This ergonomic tablet stand fits all 4-13 inch phones and tablets.

Material: plastics
Rod length: approx. 80 cm/31.5 inch
For: 13-43cm mobile phone, tablet