Automatic Sensor Dust Bin Intelligent Induction Trash Can 14L

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1. Infrared+vibration two sensing modes, the sensing distance is about 0-40cm, quickly turn on in 0.3 seconds, and automatically turn off after 5 seconds away.
2. Built-in LED light, turns on at night, no longer afraid of not being able to see clearly.
3. Three ways to open the lid: one-key normally open mode; touch sensor to open the lid; infrared sensor to open the lid.
4. Built-in trash bag box, replace trash bags at any time, no need to find, bid farewell to the trouble of finding trash bags.
5. Built-in pressure ring, the garbage bag is not exposed, neat and clean, beautiful and generous.

✔Product Specifications:
Material: ABS + PP polypropylene + electronic components
Induction Distance: 6-30cm
Three Modes: induction, touch, manual