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Alcatel S250 Duo Wireless Phone

Alcatel S250 Duo Wireless Phone

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S250 is equipped with an Easy Call Block dedicated key allowing to block numbers one by one during or after the call (up to 50 numbers). Very easy to maintain your family peacefulness !
The hands-free function enables you to pleasantly share your conversations or to continue what you are doing with a full freedom of movement!

The Alcatel S250 is equipped with a 50 name and number directory to easily contact your favorite correspondents, and you can check your missed calls with the help of the detailed call log* (10 incoming calls with date and time).

The pale blue backlit display allows a perfect readability, and you are able to see the name or the number of your correspondent before even answering thanks to the CLI function*.

And if you choose the answerphone version (15 minutes recording time), you will be won over by its ease-of-use and its direct access key on the base and on the handset.
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