4in1 Sunset Lamp 180 Degree Rainbow Color Lamp

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Romantic visual experience: Rainbow sunset and sunset lights let you have a romantic modern bedroom, a warm and pleasant living room, for you and your family, and high-quality life. Bring happiness to family and children. The light of the setting sun will give you a dreamlike feeling. Its lighting makes you have a very romantic and warm room.
• 180-degree rotation: The lamp head can be rotated 180 degrees, which can produce different light from different angles and bring different effects to your room. So that you can feel the romantic atmosphere in the distance or close. (The rotation position uses a mixed metal of iron and aluminum, so there is no need to worry about a frequent rotation that will cause damage to the product.)
• Stable and durable: -Made of high-quality aluminum. Since the base and pole are stable, the bulb is always stable. The energy-saving, glare-free L-E-D lamp has a long service life.
• Multifunctional use: The LED sunset light can provide a comfortable and warm light source for your study, bedroom or living room. It is very energy-saving, its light is very soft, will not dazzle the eyes, let you feel comfortable and pleasant light source. The soft light is very suitable for lighting and taking pictures. Suitable for children's bedroom, living room, party, outdoor barbecue, on-site background lights, creating a gorgeous atmosphere.